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  1. in kind

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    • 1. (指償付)以實物償付 When he had no money, the farmer sometimes used to pay me in kind. 那個農民沒有現款時, 有時候給我些東西抵帳。
    • 2. 【喻】以同樣方式 repay insults in kind 受到侮辱後以同樣方式侮辱對方
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    • What is "to Respond in Kind"

      to respond in kind有兩種翻譯 1 把in kind翻成一樣的,這樣會變成: 以牙還牙(半泽...以其人之道還其人之身 My mom told me not to respond in kind even if people treated be badly. 我媽曾告訴我:就算別人對你再差,也...

    • work+ in, at, for的疑問?

      work in: the kind of of place (指行業但沒有公司名字) She works in a shop shop. He works in the theater. He worked in a soda-water factory. work in: (後面可接地點或國家) He works in...

    • kind的意思到底是啥?

      .... 他不是那種做事半途而廢的人. 12. 【物】 (區別於錢的)商品,實物 ( in kind 習語 ) 13. 【物】 【教會】 聖餐用品 ( 指麵包或葡萄酒 ) 14. 【物】 【美...