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    in like manner

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    • In like manner, it can be said

      Q:In like manner, it can be said that things are like illusions; they...

    • 請教有關like manner和on的英文句翻譯

      1.) in a business-like manner( 像個生意的樣子, 可申為有效率, 有系統) in a student...that asks you to compare your friends in a “hot or not” like manner. 我曾碰過一個(jerk)要你對你身邊的女性朋友評論"...

    • 名詞怎麼又會變動詞

      ... [signs] 【數】 同號 like quantities 【數】 同類項 in like manner [wise] (用)同樣(方式) The brothers are very like. 兄弟倆...