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    • 中文翻譯成英文 大家快來幫我翻譯~

      ...permanently (perpetually) impossible to stay together. Do you think that we could possibly be in love with one another? 您認為我們有可能彼此相愛嗎? I don't know how to type in...

    • 英文不知道有沒有翻譯錯誤(只有一句)

      ... the only one. 2.I want to fall in love with this only one (person).(因為前聚已提及這個only one,所以這裡我...36:56 補充: P.186 Part A In spoken English we often keep the preposition...

    • 有3個英文問題要問

      1. Falling in love with someone at first sight may be possible in our actual ...can you assure that he or she indeed feel into love with you? 2. Based on the tranditional social...