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  1. in my estimation


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    • ph.
    • 1. 據我估計

      In my estimation, she will succeed in the examination. 據我看,她考試會及格的。

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      ... date to end of July or in the beginning of August. My estimation to customers inventory in earlier August will remain for 10 to 15 weeks around. In...

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      這部影片的精彩程度著實讓我驚訝不已。我非常喜歡Pixar (就如同無數其他影迷一樣),我知道這部影片想要突破他們以往的作法,但是我看完影片後認為,他們已經達到超越了一個三度空間動畫電影能夠做到的最高境界。這是一個指標性的影片<以後任何做得比這個少的電影都...

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      ...補充: Thanks your reminder, your under PO is again in June 11, will therefore produce goods will subscribe for August 13, but I thought that we already had produce goods ahead of time the time...