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    • Right Where You Want Me 歌詞翻譯

      Searching for my place in this world (在這個世界找尋我的落腳處) Getting lost over... took me and put me in my place (你帶走了我,把我放在那) You’ve got me...

    • IN CHRIST ALONE中文歌詞 the grace by which I stand 但,那些勝利卻不相等於我仰賴的恩典 In Christ alone I place my trust 獨身處於耶穌基督裡,我有著信任 And find my...

    • 可以幫我改歌詞嗎? -- Country Road

      ... Roads, take me along To the place, I dream on Like a goddess, or a princess Take me...respect student's effort. You may argue against the teacher, in case this is rejected.