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  1. in nature


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    • 釋義
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    • 1. 在本質上

      The two are different in nature. 兩者在本質上有區別。

    • 2. 究竟

      What in nature does she mean? 她究竟是什麼意思?

  2. 知識+

    • She likes to be ....請幫我分析此句文法

      (1)She likes to be in nature. 她喜歡處身在大自然裡. be動詞後加介系詞 in可表示為人(身處)在何處. 例...名詞(片語)可表示未來式 "將要成為 ..." (1)She likes nature. 此句合乎文法, 但語意與前面第(1)句完全不同, 它的意思是" 她喜歡大自然...

    • 求一段英文的翻譯~~~PLEASE........(10點)

      答:In nature, most elements are mixtures of isotopes atoms... little because the various isotopes are almost indistinguishable in most of their properties.-->通常,各種不同的同位素,在大...

    • 請問set for anything less...的意思

      ... for anything less and remaining satisfied is not in my nature. 這句話要有個逗號, 意思才會明朗. 先看看這幾個片語: be very deeply in love...