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  1. in no time

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    • 1. 很快 The doctor told him that he would get well again in no time. 醫生對他說, 他很快就會康復。
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    • 有關Time的片語有哪些 ?

      in jig time[美口]馬上, 迅速地 in (less than) no time (=in next to no time)轉眼工夫, 立刻 in one's own time (=on...有時;偶爾;時常 have no time for沒時間做(某事) in no time (at all)立刻;赶快;馬上 keep time(鐘表)走得...

    • 問英文片語的意思~

      ...學生的辭典 -- 來回答你所問的時間副詞片語用法 如下: in no time flat 就是強調 in no time 解釋如下: in no time 很快...用於強調事情發生的速度或做事的速度很快 就等於 in no time flat 觀查到了沒? 時間副詞片語 in no time (很快...

    • 徵求~幫我翻譯一句英文

      In what will seem no time at all your energy level and your outlook will...是關於每天星座運勢, in what will seem no time at all = in no time 銀角大王的見解也有道理 但我會譯為: 不知不覺之間...