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    in no way

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    • 倒裝句,對於書上的翻譯有疑問。原文打錯了嗎?

      but in no way did that not affect the overall success and satisfaction with the job fair program. but in no way that (指的是前面那件事) did not afftect..... 這邊的in no way 又有否定意味...

    • ”means” 跟 ”way” 用法有何不同?

      ...一定地, 確實地- by means of : through the use of 利用- by no means : in no way; not at all 決不- all the way : to the full or entire extent 盡量; as far as possible...

    • By no means 的用法?

      by no means = in no way = definitely not 一點也不,絕不By no means is he as generous is, the qualities of our living are by no means satisfactory. 雖然我們的國家富有,但我們的生活品質絕對令人不滿意...