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    in one's own way

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    • 日文漢字的『我流』,英文怎麼翻譯?

      ...やり方。自己流。「花を―で生ける」 [例文] ・我流でやる do ((a thing))「in one's own way [according to one's own method] 圖片參考:

    • 一些英文句子幫忙一下~急 have we of orchestra of group to like expressing the emotion with the music in one's own way that I am easy to shut 4.現在我在學創作音樂我希望能將想法傳達給...

    • 急需~~一篇英文短文翻譯...拜託哩!!!20點

      ..., they often pass over the feeling for others. Everybody deals things in ones own way or with different attitude. It might be ceremonious to the outsiders. Nonetheless, for those who...