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  1. in one's place

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    • in one's place

      你是正確的.... in one's place 是 片語: 代替某人;在某人的立場上 也可用 instead 如: 他去出差,所以我代替他發這封信 He is our ofr business, so I send this mail instead.

    • 英文例句高手~~~~~幫幫我~~!!(20點) one`s disposal 由…自由使用 ------You enter a good national university. one`s place 代替 -----Because our teacher... Lin taught us in her place. 這是我自己造的啦...

    • 請問一句英語: put you in your place?

      ...讓對方認為他越線,那對方可能會想要讓那個人了解他的本份,也就是 put one in one's place. 2009-05-11 17:53:58 補充: You need to be put in your place. 是...