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  1. in one's remaining years

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    • 航運英文翻譯中文.

      ...deep-sea imports into the UK last year, or just over one-in-three TEU, as shown in table 2...share of the UK's deep-sea import market remaining the same in 2012. Therefore, it's...

    • 很急~~文章英翻中!!請幫個忙 elementary school, they go into junior high school and remain there for three years. The last three years of their public education are spent in senior high school, from which they graduate at the age...

    • 請問一篇篇章結構題

      ...不是想做的事 後面接"I think we’ve made more than two years’ progress in the last two years, so I’m excited about that.” 很順 C) Microsoft Chairman...