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  1. in one's teens

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    • John is in his early thirties. 不懂這句。?

      ...s + 十的倍數且為複数形式(表示年齡的大致範圍,是約數) He's in his early/mid/late teens. 他處在青少年的早期/中期/晚期 She's in her early/mid/late...

    • 幾個文法.句型問題~10點^^

      ... who have no parents are called orphans. in ones own right; in their own right 指憑 (他們) 自己(與生俱來)的能力...

    • 初級英文句子合併五題

      ...the mother's oldest brother usually gives the teen a special. (五) The Yami is a society. Women play the most important role in this society. → The Yami society is...