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  1. in one's way

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    • ”means” 跟 ”way” 用法有何不同?

      ... : with reservations 為了   2 : from one point of view 另一方面- in one's way also in the way   1 : in a position to be encountered by one : in or along...

    • 有關英語美國俚語的問題??

      ...the stock market.” “ Hey, John, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.”·  Cream of the lost 30 points.·  Big egg·  Egg in one's face 指「尷尬的情境」。John felt...

    • 英文片語造句-急-

      ...hour. => We worked very hard to finish the examination in an hour. 5. In one's way (meaning: forming a hindrance or obstruction) She is ...