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  1. in order

    • ph.
      按順序; 情況良好
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    • ph.
    • 1. 按順序; 情況良好

      The items are arranged in alphabetical order. 這些條目是按字母順序排列的。

      Everything is in order for the dinner party. 晚宴的一切都進行得有條不紊。


    按順序; 情況良好


    「按順序; 情況良好」的反義字

    • ph. 迅速而直截了當地

    • When the children are naughty she deals with them in very short order: they're sent straight to bed. 孩子們一淘氣她有個乾脆的辦法: 馬上打發他們上床睡覺。

      Halfway through the party my wife became ill and we had to leave in short order. 聚會進行到一半, 我太太發病了, 我們只好趕緊離開。

    • ph. 為了…

    • He ran in order to catch the train. 他跑步趕火車。

      We started early in order to arrive before dark. 為了在天黑前到達, 我們很早就動身了。

    • ph. (尤指機器)運轉良好(或正常等)

    • This lift is hardly ever in running order. 這個電梯從來就不大好用。

      The engine has been tuned and is now in perfect running order. 發動機已經調好, 現在運轉狀況極佳。

    • ph. 順序相反; 反向

    • Put the word madam in reverse order and it still reads madam. 把madam這個字的排列順序顛倒過來, 仍讀作madam。

      Count down in reverse order -- 10, 9, 8... 倒數--10、 9、 8...

    • ph. 【文】目的在於; 為了; 以便

    • He left early in order that he should/would/might arrive on time. 他早早動身好按時到達。

    • ph. 整理

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    • ph.
    • I will answer your three questions in order. 我將一個個回答你這三個問題。


    • ph.
    • I will answer your three questions in order. 我將一個個回答你這三個問題。
    • ph.

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    • in order to的用法

      in order to ph. (片語 phrase) 為了... &&&&&&&&&&...花兩個小時。 ********************************************************* 現在已經很少人會用in order to了...... 因為有很多辭可以代替~ 譬如上述的for 就可以代替了...

    • in order to居然不能這樣用?

      ...commerce. 1 A so as to B only to  C about to  D in order to 2 A Therefore B What’s more C ...

    • congratulations in order甚麼意思?

      in order:該有的,該來的,適當的. 例如: A:I just found out that...英文演講比賽的冠軍. B: That's great!!! Congratulations in order. 真是太棒了,應該恭喜你了. 而通常說了congratulations in order時...