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  1. in order to


    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 為了 We started early in order to arrive before dark. 為了在天黑前到達,我們很早就動身了。
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      Consequently, In order to clear the crowds and ... to carry out this project in order to clear the crowds and ...think this project will benefit widely to our society. 或 I don...

    • in order to的用法

      in order to ph. (片語 phrase) 為了... &&&&&&&&&&&...花兩個小時。 ********************************************************* 現在已經很少人會用in order to了...... 因為有很多辭可以代替~ 譬如上述的for 就可以代替了...

    • in order to居然不能這樣用?

      ...commerce. 1 A so as to B only to  C about to  D in order to 2 A Therefore B What’s more C ...