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    • 英文文法正確嗎?

      In order to achieve it, any available order I’ll try. 如果作文用這句,文法...達成它, 我會嘗試任何可行的方法. 若order是訂單, it是指業績: In order to achieve it, I’ll try to process any available order. 為了要達成...

    • 地理英文好的人可以告訴我那一些單子的英英解釋嘛急~~

      1 terrorism the use of violent action in order to achieve political aims or to force a... and services to a new location (推力) 7 pampas the large area of land in South America that...

    • 英文文法檢查

      ...on his own, whereas most of the teenagers would rather buy a new car. In order to achieve his goal, he used the money he earned from the job and the time...