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  1. in outline

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    • 1. 扼要地 describe a plan in (broad) outline 概述一計劃
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    • 英文文章翻譯??(急) 拜託了!!

      ...five different levels of stress in a single word: Daniel Jones, in An Outline of English Phonetics cities the word opportunity, which ...

    • 如何寫My Career Plan得outline呢!?

      版主你好, 【Outline for My Career Plan】 Career Goal: 生涯目標 ■ What I want to accomplish(or become) in 5 years. 5年內想完成(成為)的目標。 ■ 10 years. ...

    • 這句話的意思?in an attempt to…

      ...說,他把焦點都放在國家安全和外交政策,而忽視了急迫的國內問題。 註釋: Outline 概述 Overhaul 大翻修,徹底檢討 Dismantle 廢除,解散 in an attempt to 試圖 Deflect 轉向 pressing急迫的 domestic issues...