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    • 1. 與...和睦相處 The Smiths were living in peace with the neighbors. 史密斯一家與左鄰右舍和睦相處。
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    • 我喜歡和所有生活在地球上的人和平相處~英文??

      ...everyone who is living on earth. 建議簡化為: I'd like to stay in peace with all the people on earth. 或 I'd like to get along peacefully with all the...

    • 英文選擇題3題: in sync with

      ... and fail to live ______ the real world. (A) in harmony with (B) in peace with (C) in accordance with (D) in sync with (V) 怎麼覺得每個選項都...

    • PEACE是甚麼意思呀!

      ...意思 和平的意思 peace n. (名詞 noun) 1.和平;和約;和睦[S] We live in peace with our neighbors. 我們與鄰居和睦相處。 2.(社會)治安,秩序[the...