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    • 請問be made+介係詞

      沒 有 be made in person 這 個 phrase 只 有 be made + 名 詞 + in person. ... 說 法 用 be made+介係詞 也 有 ﹕ be made in --> This item is made in China. 這 個 ...

    • make/deliver the invitation

      The point in this question is "in person". Only "deliver" and "respond"... the way, you can say: You made it in person (你親自來了). 2012-04-10 05:54:40 補充: Master...

    • 英文重組句子誰能教我><

      Connie told Andy that she couldn't meet him in person. Connie 告訴Andy 說:她 無法親自去見他. in person : 親自...