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    in place of

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    • (英文) instead of和一些句子

      1. in place of或是as an alternative to 2. 應該是Secondly, when we wake up, we don'...

    • as a result of 的用法&意思是。。?

      ...of his illness. 他病了, 所以他沒能來上學。 (應該是這個)instead of代替= in place of Usage: instead of 表示代替, 其含義是某一人或某某物, 而不是另一人...

    • 押匯信用狀問題贈20點

      .../C port of loading only appears in place of receipt without evidence of transport from that place of receipt...19:39:53 補充: 這種條款通常是這樣寫的:each set of discrepant documents will be levied a ...