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  1. in plain sight (or view)

    • ph.
      in a place that is clearly visible
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    • ph.
      in a place that is clearly visible

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 這樣的翻譯行不行?

      ... in which you could enjoy 24-hour hot-spring. You will enjoy the beautiful view of Lanyang Plain from the balcony in every guestroom [蘭陽平原的官方翻譯是Lanyang Plain] 2010-10-02...

    • 這是一份具有專有名詞的醫學稿,我要正確順暢的翻譯請幫忙!!


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      ... Stronghold, is located in at the western of Coastal Range of... and round Central Valley plain, so a special view is created. The original of the...