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    • 1. 為讚揚 The teacher spoke in praise of those students who helped each other. 老師表揚了那些互相幫忙的學生。
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      ...鬼東西啊? 2006-05-02 19:21:56 補充: In Praise of New York City...一千兩百萬的 and houses 15 percent of its own because 1.26 million people in New York are unable...

    • 請問praise這個字

      ...praise 名褒暗貶, 用輕微的讚揚進行貶低 God be praised! 謝天謝地! in praise of為頌揚..., 讚美... more praise than pudding 恭維多而實惠少 plaster sb. with praise...

    • 副都心的英文是fuduxin喔!?

      ... sorry, so that you do not sound sincere eg:-They were fulsome in their praise of the Prime Minister-Cameron ! eg:- A fulsome apology...