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  1. in preference to

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    • 1. 而不 She chose to learn the violin in preference to the piano. 她願學小提琴而不學鋼琴。
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    • 2句英文,麻煩幫翻譯一下

      ...when it comes to losses. Thus they would rather risk a big loss in preference to suffering a certain moderate loss 該文章透露,以需求方之改變及供應方的...

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      ...成分的意思; 還可表示而不是, 可以接形容詞, 副詞, 名詞等。 同義︰in place of; in preference to in place of 是指以某人或某事物代替另一個人或另一件事物, 後面被...

    • 20點!請以英文撰述Globalisation!

      ...extent that migration of unskilled workers takes place. Like in Taiwan, still retaining significant immigration quotas, give preference to relatives of nationals or to highly qualified or...