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  1. in principle

    • ph.
      as a general idea or plan, although the details are not yet established or clear
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    • 請問In-Principle Approval是啥?

      In-Principle 來自於片語 In Principle (原則上)。用hyphen連在一起放在 ...

    • 兩個英文題目

      ...especially】 like Ms. Jennifer. (1.particularly person general principle) 解答: Of all the flight attendants, I particularly like ...

    • the precautionary principle 中譯

      實質上,謹慎主義是指在沒有任何證據指向一件事情會成為一個問題或者可能成為一個問題,卻因不明原因而不採取任何行動。 as if it were a problem 的 it是指something 在something might be a problem is not a reason這句話裡 problem跟is中間省略了which 原句應是something might be a problem...