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  1. in pursuit of

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 追捕 thirty grown men in pursuit of a single fox 追獵一隻狐狸的三十名成年男子
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    • 自傳~~中翻英..不要翻譯機翻的..文字要通順

      In my pursuit of study, it was not so smooth an experience as all of you might have...and finally got admitted to the seconde grade of department of xxx in xxx university. I really had a hard time because I...

    • 殺頭生意有人幹,賠本生意沒人做的英文翻譯

      ...forgive divine. 如果要找現成的, 在網路上都找得到: Human beings die in pursuit of wealth, and birds die in pursuit of food. The wages of avarice...

    • 英文片語造句-急-

      ...person or thing destroyed in the pursuit of an object or in gratification of a passion...finish the examination in an hour. 5. In one's way (meaning... to become President of the United States...