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    in reality as well in name

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    • 徵求英文高手!!!請幫我翻譯下列英文

      ... or yuletide. The name is also used in translation in many other ... often appears as a large man, often around 70 ...image themselves. In reality, the red-suited Santa...

    • 協助修改英文文章!! (20點!!)

      ... to do something for the society, such as saving the life of people in the future I hope that his the same university. I will do my best to reach the goal . I hope our friendship...

    • Natasha Bedingfield貝汀菲兒的一首歌介紹

      ... to the song as well. 2006 年世界花式溜冰冠軍 is also used as the theme song for MTV's reality show The Hills... also used in Pantene adverts...