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  1. in recompense

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    • 1. 作為補償 He received $2000 in recompense for the damage to his car. 他收到二千元作為對他汽車的損壞賠償。
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    • 請教英文高手 - 土地相關知識的英文

      an area of land secured by the authorities in recompense of development outlay 「由開發機關取得,以抵償開發費用的一片土地」 這是類似...

    • 是否可以給我指教presentation要怎麼翻?recom

      ...the drawer bank or items for which cash (value) was tendered and recompense is doubtful. 把句子還原而不用子句的話 就會比較清楚嘍 如下: The items in this account represent cash items. These cash items have ...

    • 最正確英文單字解釋

      ...information by broadcasting or printing演示 8.deserve v. to be worthy of recompense應受 9.pronounce v. To give a pronunciation; to articulate發音