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      有必要, 受歡迎
    • 釋義


    • 1. 有必要, 受歡迎 These reference books are in great request. 這些參考書非常需要。 This kind of jeans has been much in request lately. 這種牛仔褲近來非常流行。
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    • put in??put in??

      ...不知是啥,this files 單複數錯誤) ...... put in the request to access this files ..... 提出要求使用這個檔案...地裡,在原有地方弄進東西): The farmer put in crops of wheat. 這個農夫種了麥子。 I...

    • 請人幫忙完成後,我該如何回覆

      I have completed the set up in Production. Request you to kindly verify the set up and confirm the resolution of the ticket. 我已經完成正式...

    • 麻煩英文高手 幫忙 翻譯 加工委託單 英文

      ...交由部門助理存檔,『副本』交由委託加工廠申請貨款使用。 Please fill in the request form in duplicate, "the original" gives to department assistant for file, "...