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  1. in reserve

    • ph.
      儲藏, 保留
    • 釋義


    • 1. 儲藏, 保留 He had a little money in reserve. 他儲存了一點錢。
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    • 請問B29轟炸機的內部結構中文?

      ...壓力蓋、有壓力的艙門(艙蓋) reverse tank in the rear bomb-bay bladder The fuel in our reserve tank in the rear bomb bay bladder isn't pumping 在後彈艙備用軟油箱裡...

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      ... Plans to Cut Dollar Content in Reserves" is the news title. And the follows are the ...

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      ...的鳳梨汁、剩下的四匙糖粉及香草,並拍打至極軟的型態。 13. Fold in reserved pineapple and spread over cream cheese mixture in pan. 把之前預留的鳳梨摺入並鋪在盤中...