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  1. in rotation

    • ph.
      輪流地; 輪番地; 循環地
    • 釋義


    • 1. 輪流地; 輪番地; 循環地 The chairmanship of the committee changes in rotation. 委員會主席一職是輪流擔任的。
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      6. Logging to preserve institutional memory in auditor rotation or change <在資訊系統以Log的...some incremental costs to public companies in changing auditors on a periodic basis because...

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      ...and equip in an all-round way in the wise forest of fields lying fallow in rotation of the history, the superior performance of the new broom ' halo 2001 ' totally defeats...

    • around的不同意思

      a second time around = 連續第二次 around = in rotation or succession 再次, 輪流地, 交替地