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  1. in safe hands

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    • 1. 受到妥善的照顧或保管 I am relieved now that I know the picture is in safe hands. 得知圖書得到妥善的保管我就放心了。 He had great responsibility to ensure the confidential papers remained in safe hands. 他責任重大, 必須保証那些機密文件受到妥善的保管。



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    • 廣告的英文Are you inGood Hands

      In good handsin the safe and competent care of someone; managed or cared...是個專業的保姆。) 例如 : Your car is in good hands. My mechanics are factory trained...

    • 英文 文章 改錯 高手請幫忙 20點(危險運動)

      ... nearly twice as much as one in a safe circumstance. Consequently, the existence of dangerous sport in human society is imperative. .... On the one hand, it is crucial to prevent ...

    • 請幫忙翻譯The EU is set to ...

      ... says the US-developed maize variety is safe, and the decision is now in the Commission's hands. EU農委會說這種美國發展出來的玉米種 是安全的,本會會做出決定...