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    • 1. 尋找 He went in search of a doctor for his sick wife. 他去為他生病的妻子找醫生。
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    • in search of incredible

      ...會變得卓越都有想像空間. 而這個產生的想像空間就是廣告的用意. 我本來想 in search of incredible 應該是指追求卓越的意思, 形容詞當名詞用. 可是明明有incredibility這個...

    • in search ofsearching for用法

      第二句比較不好而已 be in search of = search for 所以沒什麼差別 只是用 in search of 比較常用而已 Every...

    • 英文造句!!急!!15

      1. In search of a beautiful dress I am in search of a beautiful dress almost two hundred years old. Treasure hunter of the America discovered an emerald that is almost...