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  1. in short order

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    • 1. 迅速而直截了當地 When the children are naughty she deals with them in very short order: they're sent straight to bed. 孩子們一淘氣她有個乾脆的辦法: 馬上打發他們上床睡覺。 Halfway through the party my wife became ill and we had to leave in short order. 聚會進行到一半, 我太太發病了, 我們只好趕緊離開。
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    • 英文in short(總而言之)的用法~

      ...用來總結的短語, 用法要看上下文的內容。 例如, In short, the Confucian view prejudiced against... as threats to the harmonious social order and the ruling dynasty while the communists...

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      ...' names, face, habits, and activity, and make a communion in short order to flatter them. 2. The contents of job include...

    • 請問此句話的中文意思是什麼?

      ...send us your export price list and terms of conditions in short. 請您給我們你的出口價格表,並在短時間的條款條約。 then, we will prepare the order list shorlty and also let us inform the lead time as well. 那麼,我們將會立刻...