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  1. in silence


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    • 1. 沉默地 She received the bad news in silence. 她默默不語地承受了這個壞消息。
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    • 拜倫的詩全文

      ... we two parted 昔日依依惜別, In silence and tears, 淚流默默無言; Half...言中。 In secret we met— 昔日喜幽會, In silence I grieve 今朝恨無聲。 That ...

    • 幫我翻譯I don't wanna cry 這首歌

      Sitting here in silence 坐在一片寂靜中 Pretending...39;t imagine, never holding you in these arms 不 我無法想像...matter how I try 不管我多麼努力 In a perfect situation, you'd still be...

    • 英文造句~考試要用~~~(急)

      ... was so nervous that I could only stand in silence.2. The teacher will ask you if you get ready to take... disturbed wild birds ran in all directions right away. 16. The ...