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  1. in someone's bad (or good) books

    • in disfavor (or favor) with a person
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    • in disfavour (or favour) with someone

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      人在隊列的後面由flyposter 送感覺牢固的政府擊響徘徊, 為了戰鬥這是同樣故事我受傷的每夜並且我們有您離開家, 並且您不回去 某人告訴了我星期一, 某人告訴了我星期六等待直到明天和那裡是沒有方式讀了它在書或仍然寫它在信件早晨醒並且仍然有沒有保證 只我昨晚找到自己由駐地失去...

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