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    • 幫我修我翻譯的歌詞!!英翻中!”美麗的災難”!20點

      ...act nonchalant 而且試著裝做漠不關心 Afraid they'll see that she's lost her direction怕他們看出她已迷失方向 She never stays the same for long 她總是...

    • "Finding Neverland"

      ... movie means a lot to me...I sometimes get a bit lost because I don't have a specific direction or dream in my mind...but after the inspiration of the movie..i found myself again... Although you might...

    • 英文高手 我需要你幫助

      ...what I want! Not sure what I should do in the future! I really need someone to give me advise...think it's God. God will give me direction and lead me to the future! I should talk to...