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  1. in sooth

    • ph.
      in truth; really
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    • 翻譯一些句子 單字例句 3Q**

      1.我們終止會議 2.任何一條河流會在夏天完全枯乾 3.我們接受了他真誠的態度 4.城市持續吵雜和匆忙,漸漸的結束在夜裡 <-----這個我不太會翻 5.為時已晚.主席必須中斷進行 6.在不允許之下.不能讓小孩子玩刀

    • 看不懂一首英文詩

      ... information To his loyal soldiers In drama, we're making our Court...succeed to night; With wine&beauty&presents to sooth our soul But now march for revolution, Boys...

    • 手放在會痛的地方!! 中翻英

      ...line, 身體某一部位會痛,用手撫著,會減輕些疼痛~ When you are in ache, sometimes, placing your hand on that place will sooth the pain a little. "手放在會痛的地方"請問這句的英文怎麼說 >&...