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  1. in spite of

    • ph.
      without being affected by the particular factor mentioned
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    • 改寫句子(although --> in spite of)

      We enjoyed the movie in spite of its boringness. 2013-05-12 19:49:28 補充: boringness...電影的某項或多項性質。 2013-05-12 20:04:16 補充: in spite of xxx是用來把xxx排除在外的 In spite of ...

    • Although 改寫成 in spite of

      ... ALL correct. However, they don't mean the same: "in spite of a map" means any map (任何一張地圖) "in spite of the map"...

    • In spite of /Even though的句型問題

      in spite of + Ving(動名詞) =in spite of the fact that + S+V...妻子決定要搬回去南方,儘管那裡的種族主義/種族歧視很極端。 2.In spite of the fact that the great hardship lie ahead, Dr. King still...