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  1. in spite of oneself

    • ph.
      although one did not want or expect to do so
  2. 知識+

    • Although 改寫成 in spite of

      ...the same: "in spite of a map" means any map (任何一張地圖) "in spite of the map" means one specific map (一張特定的地圖) "in spite of a map" means the map...

    • 連接詞用法

      ...clause "despite" and "in spite of" + noun, pronoun or V-ing The first question is correct to choose... on time. (not in spite of the traffic was bad)In...

    • 請幫忙找英文例子...很急很急~~~拜託~~~

      In spite of mistakes and weaknesses, it is a good composition. 雖有錯誤和不足處,但還是一篇好作文。" On the one hand I admire his gifts, but on the other hand I distrust...