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  1. in step with

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    • 1. (齊步走或跳舞時)與他人步子一致
    • 2. 與他人諧調 He's quite in step with modern ideas. 他同現代思想相當合拍。





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    • 請幫我翻一段英翻中

      ... you do wear to work are washed often. Keeping in step with proper business wear takes a bit of effort, but not a lot. 一般而言,確保你...

    • 7句有一點點難的英文

      ...我才不在乎他們說什麼,那都與我無關 7.Susan always keeps in step _with_ modern technology. Susan 是個跟得上科技發展腳步的人 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ at one...

    • 請問這一段文字誰能正確的翻譯呢?怎麼翻都覺得怪怪的!

      ...支出」部份 *註:假如你第1步設定3年為一期,第2步就要計算這3年的支出 In step 2,the costs associated with the projected sales can be calculated. 在第2步裡頭...