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    • Jail 及 Stir 如何區別

      1.stir當"監獄"=>in prison解釋時與jail是極相似的 你也可以稱被關叫"doing stir"...可能源自監獄中吃的粥叫"Stirabout" 的關係而衍生出的俗語 2 in stir=in jail=in prison 但"'He's doing stir."不能講成...

    • 請幫我修改這篇文章~20點

      ...that, heat up the oil. When you feel the oil heat, put the shirmps in, stir it and take them out, then add the shrimps to the egg (and) mix well...

    • 拜託英文翻譯(精密鑄造)

      ... of the thick liquid is puts in by 矽 the liquid cement stirs in the barrel, 90%th the fireproof powder approximately amount of use put in stirs the...