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    in such a way that

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    • 數學習題(幫幫我^^)並請附上算式,謝謝!

      ...fraudulent information, and the three to be granted are chosen in such a way that each possible choice has the same probability, find a.The number...

    • 請問這幾句的文法 哪裡 有錯?

      ...such a beautiful weather 4. The chemistry instructor explained the experiment (in) (such a way) that it (was easily understood). ----> 沒有such of a 的用法,只有...

    • 請問juke out是什麼意思呀?

      Juke out means to move very fast in such a way that you can get past someone. Typically you pretend you are going right or left in a sudden burst, and when the defender goes that direction, you go the other direction.