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  1. in support

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      (如指軍隊等)後備的, 準備給予支援的
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    • 1. (如指軍隊等)後備的, 準備給予支援的 We have ten people to do the cooking, with several more in support. 我們有十個人做飯, 還有幾個人可隨時來幫忙。
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      ... merit, and we would like you to supply additional information in support of your proposal. 本人同事與本人皆認為貴提案...good points,要原提案人 supply more information 來 support these points in the proposal 是合理的。

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      ... am writing this letter of reference in support of her application to your foundation program for...application. I sincerely hope that you will enroll her in your excellent program. 如您能考慮她的申請的話...