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    in the air

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    • hear voices in the air

      ...poetry. Like Keynes's proverbial madman who hears voices in the air, Abiyah assuredly has no idea what a profound debt she owes to...

    • 求Lark in the clean air歌詞

      The Lark In The Clear Air The lark in the clear air : to my sister margaret...elation As i hear the sweet lark sing In the clear air of the day

    • 想知道這句英文的中文?

      Nose in the air 的意思是 "趾高氣昂" 也就是 很臭屁/驕傲到 令人討厭的意思. 這根生不生氣一點關係都沒有. His nose would go up in the air. = 他(就會)臭屁到不行. 例子: He made a few millions...