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  1. in the altogether

    • ph.
      【口】一絲不掛; 裸體
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    • 誰知道間諜和裸體的英文怎拼

      間諜 a spy; a secret agent an enemy agent an emissary 裸體 naked; nude in the altogether; in one's birthday suit; in the raw; in one's skin a nude body 2008-12-28 20:26:33 補充: 不是說給點給最快者嗎= =?

    • 英文履歷表

      ...present goes study Yu Peit'ai the science and technology institute, in the family altogether has five people, the daddy is accountant director, mother is the family...

    • (急)幫忙中翻英!要翻對喔!20點

      ... likes laughing and joking, the competition can be anxious. In the family altogether has 6 individual: Respectively is the father, the mother, the...