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    • 1. 權勢日益增強 Though he is still a young man his political career is already in the ascendant. 他雖然年紀輕輕, 可是他在政壇上已青雲直上了。
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      ... by environmentalists. "Nuclear power is in the ascendant world-wide -- less so in the (United Kingdom) than elsewhere, but that...

    • 幫我翻英文[10點]急~^^!

      ... it teach instead to swear ', because Luther until Germany in the ascendant religious sect at that time, forbid Catholicism to hold and fill and dismiss from...

    • 自動化系統相關(英翻中)請勿用翻譯機照翻

      機械工科學,力量和問題的研究,是在優越一切似乎可溶解:laplace,france`s 帶領物理學家,能瞭解整個波斯菊的談話至尊智力,並且不確定地預言它的運動,作為慶祝機構方法的力量方式。毫不奇怪,這個機制被反射了在強烈的興趣在機器上的研究。當他沒有遊覽義大利挑選藝術為他的朋友拿破崙掠奪...