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  1. in the clutches of

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    • 1. 在...的控制之下 Once they were in the clutches of the enemy, they knew they'd never escape. 一旦落入敵人手中, 他們知道一定逃不了。
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    • 問英文 come through in the clutch

      he came through in the clutch 在最緊要關頭,他做到了(或他完成了,他成功了). Well if it isn't 啊! 如果不是(他的話,事情絕對不會成功).這個句子基本上,都是用來強調某個人或某件事的重要性. well在此只是簡單的語助詞.

    • Skillful driving...

      ... in transmission system, it usually means there are two set of clutch built in the transmission to serve the purpose, also known as dual clutch system or twin clutch system...

    • 幫我翻譯^^...這是在雅虎網站看到的?

      ...intergalactic quest to once again save his lady love from the clutches of arch-nemesis Bowser. And it's his best effort in a decade (內容從:) 壓蘑菇(Goombas: 瑪利歐...