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    • LinkinPark的In The End中文歌詞

      ... so hard and got so far,(我那麼努力試著想要達到目標) But in the end, (結果到頭來) It doesn't even matter,(什麼都沒有) I had to...

    • at the endin the end 文法

      in the end 是最後,終於,結果的意思 He tried several times to pass teh exam, and in the end he succeeded. In the end, I think one must blame these ...

    • in the end跟at the end的用法差在哪裡

      "in the end"是"最後、最終、終於",後面不跟"of"片語,常獨立用作副詞: I hope that everything will turn out all right in the end. In the end they crossed the mountains and reached...