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    in the fullness of time

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    • 一個形容詞 heart-high 20點 勿刪 字典查不到

      ...應當是這麼翻: — 這邊的heart-high是指???? ~ 大約(到他的)心臟那麼高。 — in the fullness of time要怎樣翻??? 時間滿足的時候;時機到了的時候。 — clear one's palate是指...

    • 英文翻譯(英翻中),請大家幫忙,謝謝

      ...should feel confident in your ... of field research: 田野調查...can be expensive and time-consuming difficult to find out the information you want 不易...ensure the accuracy and use fullness of your information...

    • 英文翻成中文之翻譯

      ...line of Austrian policy in the German case may be summed up in the general observation that it was one of biding time and watch fullness while attending to more pressing matters, elsewhere, after which...