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  1. in the groove


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    • 1. 處於最佳狀態 The band is really in the groove tonight. 樂隊今晚演奏得精彩極了。
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    • into the groove的意思

      ...groove」或「return into the groove」其實就等於「to be in the groove once again」的意思。 這裡面取的是「in the groove...文章中已經講得很明白了。 3.有看到歌名也常用into the groove的各種變化...... 至於歌名為何要用「into the groove...

    • 球類>>找手感的英文

      trying to get in the groove 2012-01-27 14:06:10 補充: 例如在這篇籃球報導����( worth playing now that he has found his groove. " 這裡的"found his groove"的意思就是"找回他的球感...

    • 請問這首英文歌的歌詞大概在說些什麼?

      ...he's the man, he's the Pope in the Vatican, He's the groove, he's the man, he's the Pope... too, all you people got to do the do 也傳播到波士頓和費城,你們大家都得做...